My wraps arrived damaged. What now?

We pack our wraps in sturdy, damage-resistant test tubes, but on occasion our friendly mail couriers do push them across the breaking point. If you’ve received an order that has endured cruel treatment en route to you, please email us a clear picture of the damage at hello@lazywrap.com within 5 days of receiving it and we’ll send out a replacement for you.

Do you accept returns/offer refunds?

Most of our products are returnable within 15 days of receipt, as long as they are undamaged and in re-sellable condition.  Just email hello@lazywrap.com and note your original order number.

Lazy Wrap by DBC
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I live in New York. Just like you! Can I pick up my Wrapping Paper in person?

At this time, we’re not set up for direct retail sales, but we're hoping to change that in the future!